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China unicom operates public communication services mainly including mobile communications services,

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China unicom operates public telecommunications services mainly including mobile telecommunications services, fixed telecommunications services, broadband access services and various types of telecom value-added services.

Stable fixed communication service

Fixed communications services include

Fixed mobile convergence service, "optical broadband +" broadband access service, IPTV, domestic and international, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan fixed telephone service, etc. Specific products are: convergence advantage technology, through the 4G full series of packages and the depth of high-speed broadband, launched family sharing fixed mobile convergence package products. One package, broadband, voice, data and hd TV full enjoyment, TV, mobile phone, computer, PAD full Internet access, family network, family cloud, smart home, Internet life is fully realized.

Optical broadband + "broadband access services

As a first-class broadband operator, China unicom has the ability and confidence to provide high-quality broadband access services for its customers. "Optical broadband +" mainly has three advantages: first, faster speed advantage, China unicom has completed the transformation of broadband optical fiber network has covered 240 million Chinese households, "optical broadband +" for users to improve the quality, high-speed broadband network services. Second, the quality advantage of higher end, with the help of abundant backbone transmission resources and international interconnection exports, "optical broadband +" network experience occupies the leading position in China. Third, more intelligent advantages, China unicom can provide users with smart home, video applications and other broadband smart application services.

Domestic and international, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan fixed line business

The fixed-line service of China unicom has the characteristics of clear voice, preferential tariff, green environmental protection and call confidentiality, which is suitable for daily communication of family users, and there are a variety of combination communication product packages for users to choose from.